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Power Returns to Paterson: Totowa Section

After 9 days without power, the Totowa section of Paterson has finally received electricity. Yesterday, PSE&G in one of its updates said only 4% of the city did not have power, a 3 digit improvement of the 7% it listed a day ago.

Residents of the Redwood and Totowa avenues area have informed us with much excitement that their power has finally been restored.

In those 9 days there were great stories, where residents helped each other, we have heard one where a man opened up his garage with power strips so that his friends and neighbors would be able to preserve the food stuffs in their fridge in the darkness.

In another instance, a family renting its home to another, purchased a generator and then shared an outlet; one paid for the generator the other provided the fuel.

Store owners, those that had power, allowed some of their regular patron to shelf the content of their refrigerators in industrial grade fridges.

Certainly the best in people came out in this time of intense difficulty.