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The Record Sues City Of Paterson

The Record, one of the largest newspapers covering the Northern New Jersey area filed a lawsuit against the city of Paterson, after the latter refused to share documents relating to the police shooting of Salvatore Del Rosario, a Dominican Republic man, who was shot by uniformed officers inside his house.

The newspaper attempted to gather public information including: police incident report, audio recording of 911 call made by Mr Rosario’s family member, and the dispatch audio or transcript, but was turned away with inadequate answers.

Twice city officials denied the information requests made through Open Public Records Act (OPRA) by citing “ongoing investigation”.

A lawyer with the paper contacted the requisite authorities to inform them the information being asked for was public record and cited various legal precedents all of which did little to budge the city.

It was after exhausting all open options did the paper sue the city of Paterson.

This paper commends The Record as it stands to defend the rights of the public and the press.