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Akhtaruzzaman Surging With Absentee Ballots


The latest numbers show Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman leading with more than 300 absentee ballots under his name. Numbers acquired by The Record shows the other candidates also attempted to exploit the absentee ballot strategy: Aslon Goow received 181 mail-in; Sonia Torres received 100 absentee votes; Maidul Islam received 38 mail-in; and Zalal Uddin 23 absentee votes.

These are just absentee ballots, the provisional ballots have not been counted yet; absentee ballots sent through email and fax have also not been counted. The latter might make little difference because during the election day a good number of 2nd ward residents did not have power which makes it somewhat impossible for them to cast ballots using internet or fax.

Ms Torres has admitted her campaign did not exert much effort  in gathering mail-in ballots; Mr Goow seems to have put in efforts to collect such votes but the numbers show a minimally successful exertion.

As these numbers are being tallied it would surprise none if Mr Akhtaruzzaman runs with the trophy.