4 Store Robberies In One Night | Paterson Times

4 Store Robberies In One Night

Paterson Police are investigating a string of 6 armed robberies, among them 4 grocery stores that were robbed during the evening hours of Tuesday night.

2 gunmen went to a Citgo gas station located at 473 Broadway but the robbery was thwarted by 3 courageous employees who chased off the robbers.

A grocery store located on 15th Avenue was robbed, employees were attacked, and customers’ cash and cellphones was snatched.

On 11th Avenue another grocery store was robbed: cigarette, cigars, and cash was taken.

A grocery store located on Highland Street was robbed of cash.

Little before midnight a man walking near Ellison Street was robbed at knife-point by an individual dressed in a black hoodie — the victim lost his phone and cash.

Earlier on Tuesday, during the morning hours, a delivery man was robbed at gunpoint near Marion Street and Union Avenue.

In most of the store robberies, 2 individuals wearing masks and wielding guns were responsible, but in the Ellison Street incident the robber was not wearing a mask.

Police are investigating but are unsure if the incidents are connected.