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Morris Plan: Saving Millions


Kenneth Morris during this weeks city council meeting proposed a brilliant plan to save the city few million dollars: 2 to almost 7 million by his estimates.

The idea is to ask city employees to give up a percentage of their paychecks every week: workers with small checks would forgo about one percent or so, which would cause them the least hardship; while bigwigs would give up 5 to 15 percent of their pay checks.

Will the employees lose that much of their money? Mr Morris thinks not; he says the amount will be reimbursed to each worker when they decide to leave their jobs. In other words, it is not a fix, it simply postpones the inevitable.

The plan is to avoid lay-offs.

Except Mr Morris, chairman of the finance committee, put forth the same plan a year ago which angered workers and unions, and will most certainly anger them again.