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Paterson Trolley May Discontinue

Paterson Trolley, a useful service that provides city residents access to major shopping and landmark destinations around the Silk City may come to an end as the Paterson Parking Authority, under financial stress seeks to cut back on spending. A classic minibus outfitted in green and beige with “Paterson Trolley” plastered on its sides may no longer be a sight in the streets of Downtown Paterson.

On an average day, from 7am to 6pm, the service takes residents from Downtown Paterson to McLean Boulevard to the Farmers Market and to local landmarks.

Teachers from local schools at times utilize the service to take students on field-trips to Lambert Castle or the Great Falls, giving the students a tour of the city’s brilliant past, and often times changing students’ perceptions of the city in the process.

If the service is removed it could result in a loss of revenue for local businesses that rely on customers arriving via the trolley.

It will not be until early next year that a decision is made on whether to discontinue the service or to continue running it.