3 Arrested in Connection to Store Robberies | Paterson Times

3 Arrested in Connection to Store Robberies


The duo responsible for robbing a large number of stores, plaguing store owners, made a wrong selection on Tuesday night, when they entered El Jaya Deli Grocery located on 8th Avenue, where an employee of the store shot one of the 2 men.

Police later pulled over a car with 3 individuals inside: Jermaine Eason, 23-year-old, and Rayvon Wilson, 23-year-old, and Clara Amala, 22-year-old — all three have been arrested. The former 2 acted as gunmen while the latter acted as the driver.

Mr Eason was charged with 11 count of robbery, and was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, where he is in critical condition after being shot. The other two were also charged various counts of robbery.

Earlier in the night, the two masked gunmen managed pistol whip 2 individuals at another grocery store on the same black, leaving them hospitalized.

Although there has been questions whether the employee who shot one of the gunmen — effectively halting the wave of armed robberies — had a licensed weapon, few residents we spoke to saw the man as a hero. One woman said, “we need more store owners like him”.

Police are still investigating and are asking anyone with information to call: 973-321-1120.