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Paterson Man Arrested in Teaneck

Teaneck Police arrested a Paterson man, who hijacked a car with his ex-girl friend still inside, and drove about Route 4.

Keshon Archer, 32-year-old, had a court issued restraining order, which compelled him to stay certain number of feet away from the woman, which he violated.

Mr Archer spotted the woman on the street in Teaneck, approached her; she attempted to get away from him by getting inside her car, but that was when Mr Archer forced his way inside the vehicle and drove off with her inside.

Few locals followed the car, providing police with intelligence. Sometimes later Mr Archer drove into the parking lot of a mall, got out of the vehicle, and hid himself between a group of cars which did not help him, for the police discovered and arrested him.

Mr Archer faces various charges including: kidnapping and violation of restraining order.