Passaic River Corridor Initiative yields 400 arrests | Paterson Times

Passaic River Corridor Initiative yields 400 arrests

State Police in partnership with local police departments across the Passaic and other bordering counties arrested more than 400 individuals and seized 76 lethal weapons since the Passaic River Corridor Initiative, a joint effort by local, federal, and state law enforcement officials targeting gun trafficking, started back in May 2012.

In Paterson, authorities found gun hidden behind a housing project in the east-side; in another incident a semi-automatic weapon was found inside a discarded toilet tank near a street corner; these are just two of the many incidents in Paterson which yielded illegal guns.

In a press conference┬áNew Jersey Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa said, “Each gun we seize potentially is a life saved. Each serious repeat offender we take off the street is one less criminal who might pull the trigger.”