Man stabs his ex-girlfriend during New Year’s Eve | Paterson Times

Man stabs his ex-girlfriend during New Year’s Eve

A man from Paterson traveled to New York City on New Year’s Eve with an intention to hurt his ex-girlfriend which led to her being stabbed to death and he being hospitalized with self-inflicted stab wounds.

Jonathan Pena Castillo, 21-year-old, had what seems to be an intensely emotional relationship with Edith Rojas, 19-year-old, but soon the companionship turned sour and Ms Rojas ended the relationship citing that it interfered with her education.

Ms Rojas, a Bronx Community College student, ended the relationship six months ago, which left Mr Castillo in disbelief and in denial — he continued to send her messages and visited her and phoned her despite the termination. Then he threatened to kill himself, according to a friend of the victim, if she did not take him back and restore their relationship.

On December 31st, 2012, Mr Castillo traveled to Manhattan armed with a large kitchen knife, tracked his former girlfriend, and found her returning home from the laundromat with her younger brother; Mr Castillo jumped out from behind a hiding spot, stabbed the girl many times, and left her bleeding on the sidewalk. Her brother attempted to defend her without success.

Later police found Mr Castillo in Inwood Hill Park, more than 9 miles away from Manhattan, with stab wounds all over his body: he had attempted to take his own life.