Four arrested in drug bust near Clinton Street | Paterson Times

Four arrested in drug bust near Clinton Street

Paterson Police busted 4 individuals, who had in their possession an AK-47, more than 4,000 dollars in cash, and more than a hundred bags of heroin, Thursday afternoon. Police also found ecstasy pills, bags of marijuana, and PCP.

Michael Robinson, 30-year-old; Marques Lettsone, 28; Daniel Cepeda, 29; Christen Capers, 22; all four of them are Paterson residents. All of them have been charged with various weapons charges and drug charges.

Among those arrested was a man from Lake Hopatcong, who was not part of the distributing group, but traveled here, to Clinton and North 11th Streets, to buy illegal drugs. Derrick Anderson, 31, was arrested with possession of drugs, prior to the bust, he had purchased 4 bags of heroin from one of the four mentioned above.

Clinton Street is a run down street in the city filled with characters of all sorts, who at any given hour spend time near the corner, either doing what appears to be loitering or making small sales.