Former school board member arrested for stealing | Paterson Times

Former school board member arrested for stealing

A former Paterson Board of Education member (from 200o to 2007), who works as an inspector at the Public Works Department, was arrested on Friday for stealing goods during an inspection visit.

Daniel Vergara, 51-year-old, went to a home on East 37th Street to inspect an item the second floor resident was trying to throw out, but when eyes were away from him he snatched various valuables including: jewelry, computer, and cash.

Detectives from Paterson Police and Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office caught up with Mr Vergara at his place of employment on Broadway, where he was apprehended. After the news broke, Mr Vergara¬† was suspended from his position at the Public Works Department; after being charged with burglarize, he was released on $20,000 bail.