Man survives 2 stickups; another shot himself in the groin | Paterson Times

Man survives 2 stickups; another shot himself in the groin


On Thursday night, at around 10pm, a 19-year-old city resident was threatened with a shotgun on the street as he was walking near May Street. A little later, the same man was walking home, when a gunman approached him, and demanded everything he had.

The man lost possession of his phone, but preserved his life after two incidents that must have horrified him. Police were told the individuals in both incidents were black men dressed in dark hoodies and blue jeans.

In another incident this week on Saturday a man arrived by private car into the emergency center at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center. Police at the time had received a call informing them that residents heard gunfire in the area.

Paterson Police responded to the scene, searched about, looked around and found nothing. After finding nothing, police interviewed the wounded man at the hospital, and the man said he was walking near 12th Avenue and East 22nd Street with his girlfriend, when he was suddenly struck by bullets.

Police after investigating the man’s story figured out that the man had shot himself either my mistake or for other reasons. After authorities pieced-together and concluded the man had shot himself in the groin they arrested and charged him.