Field set for Board of Education Election April 16, 2013 | Paterson Times

Field set for Board of Education Election April 16, 2013


Four new candidates and three current board members will be seeking office come this April for the Paterson Board of Education.

The new candidates seeking a seat at the table are: Nelly Celi, a William Paterson University graduate, and a membership manager at the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey; William A. Connolly, former Republican candidate for the State Assembly; Alveria Spencer, a social worker; and Juan Kivelier Sosa, who probably should invest in some social media presence.

Among the incumbents are: Christopher Irving, current board president; Kenneth Simmons, current vice president of the board; and Alex Mendez.

Paterson’s Board of Education Election is on April 16, 2013. Although most residents see little need to vote in such elections, it is undoubtedly more important than any other elections that take place in Paterson; for it is these elections that determine the future of the city — whether we have well-informed and well-educated residents in the future or not.