Thomas Weir pleads not guilty in court | Paterson Times

Thomas Weir pleads not guilty in court

Thomas Weir, the high school teacher, who is accused of paying a male student 50 dollars to have sex with him, was in court today, where he plead not guilty.

Mr Weir, 50-year-old, who was thought to be from Monticello, New York, is a resident of Paterson who resides in a home on Linwood Avenue; authorities made the mistake with his residency because the man also owns a home in that town.

This is not the first time Mr Weir had to deal with authorities in 2004 or 2005 he was also accused, by a Passaic County Community College student of criminal sexual contact; the student said Mr Weir invited him into his home, where he became sexually aggressive towards him. In that case, Mr Weir beat the charges after pleading not guilty.

Will he be able to squash the new charges against him? That remains to be seen.

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