Hinchliffe Stadium named a national landmark | Paterson Times

Hinchliffe Stadium named a national landmark


Hinchliffe Stadium which sits just behind School No 5 has been recognized by the federal government as a National Historic Landmark, according to the Department of Interior.

The stadium is one of the three remaining fields where the Negro League played, when the United States was a much different nation with rampant racism and discrimination, and blacks were disallowed from playing in certain white ball-fields. “Hinchliffe Stadium is an exceptional example of a Negro league baseball stadium in 20th-century segregated America. The stadium served as home field for teams such as the New York Black Yankees and the New York Cubans during a period when the institutionalized practice of “separate but equal” facilities was the accepted norm. Eleven current members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame played at Hinchliffe Stadium,” read a statement from the department.

In the past few weeks the city officials and activists have been conversing whether to add the stadium into the Great Falls National Park or not. Most residents of the city support the idea of including the stadium as part of the national park.