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Maria Teresa Feliciano nominated for Civil Service Commission


Maria Teresa Feliciano, who some say is going to make a run for the mayor’s office, was nominated today by Governor Chris Christie, for the New Jersey Civil Service Commission, a body that hears and rules on appeals filed by State, county and municipal civil service employees, candidates for employment, and appointing authorities.

Ms Feliciano has been involved in various Latino organizations including the Dominican American National Roundtable, a organization that sought to slice out a whole ward inside Paterson with only a Latino majority; she has also served as the vice president for New Jersey Latino Leadership Alliance, an advocacy.

It must be noted that a couple of weeks ago Ms Feliciano was one of the individuals that endorsed the governor’s re-election bid.

  • Nancy

    Great! I heard she will restore hope in Paterson.

  • Demetrio Guzman

    It's reasuring to see latino names nominated for important positions in the state. Our numbers and contributions deserve that we take part of decision-making