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Board of election clerk stole more than 300k

Yanira Martinez, who was arrested in June 2010 on charges of  theft by deception among others, pleaded guilty to stealing $384,661 from the Passaic County Election Board.

Ms Martinez, 35-year-old, took checks issued to the county, and deposited them into her own back account. After officials in the county got scent of what was happening, a two-year investigation was launched which eventually resulted in the arrest Ms Martinez.

Prior to her arrest she held the position of Confidential Secretary to the Passaic County Superintendent of Elections. Ms Martinez faces seven years in prison, five of which will go on without parole. A release issued by the count prosecutor’s office says, “Under the terms of the plea agreement, restitution to the County of Passaic in the amount of $384,661.00 is to be ordered at sentencing.”

At the time of arrest Ms Martinez was in her 4th year of employment with the county election board.