Drug dealer arrested on 20th Avenue | Paterson Times

Drug dealer arrested on 20th Avenue

After receiving a complaint from a neighbor the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office setup up surveillance of a home located in 20th Avenue, according to an article in the Record.

The home being watched was of Adrian Johnson, 31-year-old — Sheriff’s Officers realized Mr Johnson was up to no good sometimes during the surveillance. They approached Mr Johnson, he noticed, dropped a number of bags — 51 packets of heroin — on the snow, and ran. He could not run far officers from the Sheriff’s Office arrested Mr Johnson, and he remains in Paterson Police lock-up.

Authorities searched the residence of the drug dealer and discovered some packets of heroin, 69 bags of marijuana, more than 10k in cash, and a BB gun.

Mr Johnson has been charged with possession and distribution of illegal drugs.