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Headaches, bad high schools, and child abuse

The third of a long series of advice column by Uncle Paul; in this piece Uncle Paul answers three questions having to do with headaches, high schools, and child abuse.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I have these bad headaches. I went to the doctor, but that did not help. Is there some other way to cure this problem?

- Headache2013 (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Headache2013,

I’m no doctor but my Grandma always used to drink tea to cure her headaches. Maybe that’ll help you. Next time you get a headache drink some hot herbal tea and see if it helps. If the headaches continue I suggest going to the doctor and asking about getting an MRI done.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I’m finishing 8th grade this year but i heard that both John F. Kennedy and East Side High Schools are not good schools what should I do? I’m am a hard working student who gets all A’s and B’s almost every marking period so I really dont want to ruin my future by entering into a bad school. My parents dont have much money so private school is not an option.

Tony (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Tony,

No matter where you go as long as you’re a good student you’ll do fine. For college applications it may be best to show that you went to an urban school and still managed to succeed despite the odds against you. However, if you still feel that the environment of the school can make or break your grades than you can go to the county school. Passaic County Technical Institute seems to offer a few AP classes that might look great in your high school transcript if you’re a college bound student. The county school is free and if it helps I hear the environment is pretty safe over there.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I’ve noticed my nephew get skinnier and skinnier by day. He looks like a little mouse. He also has burn bruises on his arm. Should I be worried? Is there a chance he’s getting abuse.

- Ann (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Ann,

It might be best to ask the child then report child abuse to the appropriate authorities. It’s good that you asked for advice instead of watching as an innocent child gets hurt. Hope it all ends well.

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