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2013 Ceasefire March


On Saturday more than 50 Patersonians gathered for the sixth annual Ceasefire March; they visited violent crime scenes of past to offer a small prayer for the victims of each incident with the hope that ceaseless violence will end in Paterson.

Marchers gathered around the Main Library on Broadway, prayed, and began their walk. They went to Auburn and Godwin Avenues formed a circle and prayed for the victims. They went to Carroll Street; they went to Rosa Parks Boulevard; they went to 12th Avenue; they went to Governor Street; they went to Hamilton Avenue; and their final stop: Broadway. In all of these streets at some point someone was shot or killed.

The purpose of this march has always been to bond the police with the communities in those streets so that when there is a shooting residents know who to contact. Most who live in the area have a distrustful view of cops; however, with these marches that has been changing.