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2014 Paterson mayoral candidates campaigning already

Three new articles, all posted in the month of March, show various things that Andre Sayegh, the Sixth Ward councilman, has done for Paterson. In one post an image shows Mr Sayegh at an Arabic cultural gathering, and the caption reads he is “always present at community functions” if invited; in another post there is an image of Mr Sayegh wearing a blue-hoodie, wielding a large street cleaning broom, the caption reads: he “worked to obtain state funding through the UEZ to have our business districts cleaned daily”; in yet another post, there is a massive billboard  announcing the opening of a new office building complex, the caption reads: he is “making sure small businesses have the resources they need.”

Mr Sayegh is not running for any elections this year nor is his city council term up anytime soon, but he, like others have yet to officially announce mayoral candidacy for the 2014 race are working hard to prepare for that election which is set to be an intensely competitive race — as much as 10 candidates are set to run says the rumor mill.

Lydia Robles, another 2014 mayoral candidate, has a Twitter page that announces her candidacy to the world, it reads: Candidate for Mayor, City of Paterson. Last message on Ms Robles’ feed is from October 2012 –maybe her interest in the office is waning.

Maria Teresa Feliciano, another candidate, has a website and has received an endorsement for her 2014 run from a Spanish language radio station.

The election for the seat of mayor is not until May 2014; in other words, the aforementioned candidates are seeking to acquire a massive first-mover advantage by getting their names out to the general public as quickly as possible even if it means one year prior to the election.

Jose Torres, the 2 term mayor from 2002-2010, formed a committee in January to determine whether to run or not run; it seems somewhat obvious that, Mr Torres will likely run for the 2014 election, for he has an unhealthy love of public attention. It would be prudent for him not run because the city has little enthusiasm in letting a man who has already had his chance to get yet another.

Jeffery Jones, the current mayor of Paterson, has also indicated that he will seek reelection. Others may come forward to announce there candidacy as there is plenty of time left. These candidates, who are campaigning early, are demonstrating one thing: the 2014 mayoral race will be extremely competitive.

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  • George Rivera

    It will be a cold day in hell before Patersonians think of an individual like Andre Sayegh as their mayor. The only reason he got 3000 votes (the most he will ever get) last lat around was because Councilman Tavarez got them for him, to unseat Joey Torres.