Man pistol-whipped and beaten near 8th Avenue | Paterson Times

Man pistol-whipped and beaten near 8th Avenue


A man was out and about walking near 8th Avenue and East 18th Street at around 3am when he was approached by a group of three individuals charged with ill-intentions. The three, one female and two males, began to trifle with the man, following him closely, and before he realized he was being victimized, one of the assailant pulled out a gun.

The gunman demanded the victim, 26-year-old, to hand everything over, the man likely put up a struggle, and was attacked and beaten brutally by the three assailants. The victim was pistol whipped, and after he fell to the ground, he was kicked repeatedly.

The suspects made away with the man’s money and cellphone. Paterson Police is investigating the incident, and is asking anyone with information to get in touch with the authorities.