Great Falls Youth Corps gets EPA award | Paterson Times

Great Falls Youth Corps gets EPA award


The Great Falls Youth Corps, an all volunteer group mainly consisting of teenagers from local schools, who spend a great deal of time keeping the new national park at the Great Falls in tidy condition, was awarded the 2013 EPA Environmental Quality Award.

Bill Pascrell junior announced the award praising the group for their services to the Paterson community in keeping the Great Falls National Park litter and trash free. The Great Falls Youth Corps was founded in 2009 and has been cleaning up the city’s parks since that year.

The award recognizes those who have played a significant role in improving the environmental quality of a specific location. The group has been cleaning up litter, cans and bottles, for the past 3 years; it certainly made a difference in a park where soda cans and water bottles were common sight.

The Environmental Protection Agency will receive members of the group on April 19th, 2013 at its New York City office for a special ceremony.