Men beaten and robbed on Fair Street and 11th Avenue | Paterson Times

Men beaten and robbed on Fair Street and 11th Avenue


A man in his early twenties was walking near Fair Street at around 10:30pm on Thursday night when a group of hooligans surrounded him.

After getting him in a good spot, one of the assailants pulled out a weapon, beat the man with it, and disappeared into the darkness with all his valuable possessions.

Most residents of Paterson are aware of the dangers of walking the city streets after the sun goes down as a result they seldom venture outside on foot after the street lights come on; those who are brave enough to hang outside after dark often become victims of various criminals.

The injured man, who was fortunately not shot or killed, was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment.

In a similar incident the same night: a man, 25-year-old, was treading near 11th Avenue and East 16th Street when two men approached, attacked, and fled with his possession.

One of the attacker had in his possession a weapon which he used to beat the victim.

Paterson Police are investigating both incidents.