2 outsiders arrested buying heroin from Paterson drug dealer | Paterson Times

2 outsiders arrested buying heroin from Paterson drug dealer

Officers from the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office followed a man, who they thought was dealing drugs in Paterson, and on Tuesday the officers arrested the drug dealer, a 20-year-old city resident, according to the Record, a Woodland Park based newspaper.

While officers were following the man they uncovered a community gun, a weapon shared by a clan of drug dealers, stashed away inside an abandoned building on Keen Street. These weapons are often hidden in secret places where only those who know of its location are able to utilize it. It is employed to devastating effects by gang members. Because these gang members are younger and more impoverished than previous generations of gang bangers they share resources, and that gun was one such resource.

LeiJah Bracey, the drug dealer, was arrested by officers little before 3pm on Franklin Street, where he was in middle of making a drug transaction; more than 30 glassine bags of heroin was in his possession. Police have charged him with gun possession and drug distribution.

The two individuals, who were on Franklin Street buying the heroin: Matthew Moloney, 27, of Fair Lawn, and Joseph Haggerty, 30, of New York State, have been charged with drug possession. It is common wisdom in the city that most of the illegal drug trade is kept alive by outside customers like the two aforementioned men.