Three teens rob two men on Madison Avenue | Paterson Times

Three teens rob two men on Madison Avenue


2 men were walking along Madison Avenue at around 10pm on Saturday night, when they came across 3 armed teenagers, who accosted them and demanded everything they had.

One of the minors held a gun to the head of one of the men while the other 2 minors issued threats and snatched the men’s possessions. During the incident one of the three punched one of the victims in the face while attempting to snatch his wallet from his pocket.

The three teenagers managed to make away with cellphones, wallets, and credit cards, but not for long. Police responded to the scene, saw the three teenagers walking off, and arrested all three. Police also witnessed one of the three teenager dropping the weapon used in the robbery upon seeing the police car.

The authorities also found items belonging to the victims in the pockets of the three teens.

Paterson Police, after arresting the three delinquents, released them to their parents because the three were mere minors.