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Paterson businesses serving liquor must have cameras installed


Liquor stores and shops that generally operate with a license from the Alcohol Beverage Board might have to install cameras outside and inside their shops to monitor their premises. Often, outside these stores, there are large congregations of troublemakers who engage in criminal activities and violence.

There are those who are standing outside of such stores assuming that because a person is buying liquor he may be interested in illegal drugs like marijuana or heroin or cocaine. And there are those who simply stand about waiting for a fight to break out or cause the violence themselves. And of course sometimes when violence breaks out it causes the destruction of private property.

The draft resolution discussed during yesterday’s City Council meeting wishes to put an end to mischief-makers loitering outside liquor stores. A similar measure is in place in Newark which curbed violence and illegal activities outside such establishments.

If enacted the resolution will force bar and liquor store business owners to keep video recording of inside and outside activities for a minimum of 90 days. Rigo Rodriguez, a councilman, has opposed the 90 days video-record-keeping, suggesting that 2-weeks is more apt.

A special meeting has been scheduled next month, May 15th, to further discuss the proposal. The draft resolution was introduced by Anthony Davis, the councilman from the drug and violence infested, 1st Ward.

  • Ed Kliska

    Good idea. Two weeks is not enough time if is needed for a criminal case, Rigo Roddriguez. Sounds like he doesn't want to curb crime in Paterson.