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Uncle Paul: Moving out of Paterson

The fifth in a long series of advice column by Uncle Paul; in this piece Uncle Paul answers a letter from a newlywed who is conflicted on whether to move from Paterson or to stay.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I’ve lived in Paterson all my life and just recently I got married. My husband wants to move but in this economy who can afford that. Anyways I love living in my hometown of Paterson. My husband and I were thinking of starting a family. But my husband is reluctant to raise our children in a city that has low educational standards and has a high crime rate. I combat his argument by saying look I turned out fine. And I’ve never gotten shot or sexually assaulted.

I know his coming from a good place. I understand that kids deserve the best but I’ve seen kids blossom in environments where flowers wouldn’t grow. So I believe my kids will do the same.

My husband still keeps insisting that we move to a nicer place. I love him deeply and I don’t want to argue with him any longer. What’s the right decision? Can you please help me?

Lyshanda  (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Lyshanda,

The grass is always greener on the other side. If money isn’t the problem moving is a brilliant idea. Moving may bring great opportunities to you and your family. This doesn’t mean you can’t love your hometown. You can still support Paterson and hope change comes soon. In the mean time make the best of your future. If you can provide you children with a better education and safer streets why not give them that opportunity. After all, as parents we need to be providing the best for our children.

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