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Roberto Clemente ranked as best elementary school in Paterson

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Earlier this month the State of New Jersey Department of Education released schools performance reports for the entire State. Most schools in Paterson lagged in academic achievement and college and career readiness in comparison to statewide schools. Few schools however managed to be average among other schools in the State.

School Number 1 located on East 32nd Street and 11th Avenue came second on the list of top schools. The grades span from pre-kindergarten to 5th grade. Its total enrollment is 280 students for the 2011-2012 school year making it a small school compared to other Paterson elementary schools. The student body is comprised of 49.2% Hispanic, 48.2% Black and 2% White.

School Number 1 ranked 100 percentile on academic achievement and 81 percentile in college and career readiness among its peers. In comparison to state schools it was rather average. Ranking 55 percentile on academic achievement and 47 percentile in college and career readiness.

Roberto Clemente, located on 434 Rosa Parks Boulevard, not to be confused with the other school on Market Street, is a beacon of hope for the Paterson School District. Its grades only span from kindergarten to 4th grade. Comprised of 349 students, 86.9% whom are Hispanic, 12.3% Black and .8% white.

Its academic achievement was 92 percentile, falling behind School Number 1, Alexander Hamilton Academy, and Norman S. Weir School. Among schools around the State it received a meager 32 percentile in academic achievement. However, Roberto Clemente shines when it comes to college and career readiness scoring 97 percentile among its peers and 70 percentile in the State. After an overall tally of both State and district percentiles Roberto Clemente came out on top as the best elementary school in Paterson.