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Great Falls National Park audio tour app


A new app launched by the Hamilton Partnership allows visitors to the Great Falls National Park to be guided through different venues by the euphonious voice of Brian Williams, the famous NBC news anchor.

He not only guides visitor through different venues: Mary Ellen Kramer Park, Great Falls Viewing Lawn, but also sprinkles a great deal of history in his tour.

In the first audio-tour in the app, Mill Mile, titled, “Overlook” Mr Williams narrates a brief biography of Alexander Hamilton, who after witnessing the spectacular nature of the Great Falls, returns to it to establish the city of Paterson. In between his narration are commentaries by historians, locals, and others associated with the park.

Voices in the audio-tour includes that of: Victor Cruz, the football player for the giants; Junot Díaz, a Pulitzer winning novelist; Frank Lautenberg, the senior senator from New Jersey in Washington DC; Bill Pascrell Jr., and a host of local voices of everyday Patersonians.

The app aims to provide visitors with what is being touted as a “ranger in the pocket”, in other words, a person is able to walk around freely while having their phone as the main guide, instead of a park ranger.

Mill Mile, the audio-tour app, is available for Android and iPhone in their respective app markets. Your correspondent downloaded the app prior to writing up this article, and found few glitches, screen goes to password while playing the audio clip; other than that the app is amazing.