Woman struck by speeding car on Totowa Avenue | Paterson Times

Woman struck by speeding car on Totowa Avenue

A woman, who was crossing from one side of Totowa Avenue to the other, was struck by a speeding vehicle; the driver, an older man possibly in his 50s, denied to police that he was speeding.

Workers from a local beauty salon were on the scene right after they heard a skidding sound which culminated in a crash. Within minutes neighboring residents came out onto the street to see what was happening. Others on the scene, who witnessed the accident unfold through their windows seconds before impact, informed us that the car was in fact speeding, when it hit the woman.

The woman suffered a broken leg and was bleeding from her forearm and elbow; when police responded to the scene she told the responding office, “The car was flying as I was going to my car.” She was taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment.