Mother-daughter duo arrested selling drugs | Paterson Times

Mother-daughter duo arrested selling drugs


A mother and her daughter were arrested on Monday, after the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office pieced together an investigation that made it clear the duo were involved in bagging illegal drugs in their home and distributing it to the streets of Paterson.

Juana Torres, 53-year-old, and Leticia Torres-Batista, 28, were arrested by the sheriff’s office, along with another man who was aiding them in the distribution of narcotics.

Authorities found the duo making a drug transaction near 21st Avenue and East 21st Street: in that scene was the 3rd individual: Moises Gonzalez, 21, who was tossing the mother and daughter a bag filled with more than $17k in exchange for a  duffel bag inside of which were illicit drugs ready for distribution.

After arresting Mr Gonzalez they followed the duo to their residence on 16th Avenue where they found measuring scales, more than a thousand empty glassine bags, and other drug paraphernalia.

All three have been charged with various drug charges, and are in custody.