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Uncle Paul: Stop smoking

The sixth in a long series of advice column by Uncle Paul; in this piece Uncle Paul answers a letter from a girlfriend who trying to get her boyfriend to stop smoking and call it quits on drugs.

Dear Uncle Paul,

I have been with my boyfriend for a year now. He is a really nice guy. Although sometimes he has a temper but that’s not the issue. See he smokes and dabbles in drugs. I have told him to quit smoking at the very least. But he is stubborn. And won’t do as I say. I have told him all the risks related to smoking. I’ve even told him to stop “dabbling” in drugs because he may become an addict. He tells me he’ll stop during Christmas time or he’ll make it a New Year’s resolution but like always he never goes threw with it. I’m afraid I may lose him. I don’t know what else to do. Can you please help!

Vanessa (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Vanessa,

You know what they say love is the strongest drug. It is best to provide him love and support every step of the way. He may not feel the need to quit but you need to change his mind. If he really loves you he’ll meet you half way. Try to get a list of programs that may help get him to quit smoking. I don’t know much about the fake cigarettes and the patches, but I hear they’re effective methods to quit smoking. Make it easy on him and say you’ll go with him. Be supportive and let him know you’re not doing this to destroy his life.

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