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Uncle Paul: Honesty is the best policy

The eighth in a long series of advice column by Uncle Paul; in this piece Uncle Paul answers a letter from a boy who gets into an accident with a bus.

Dear Uncle Paul,

Today my boys and I were headed to the mall. And you know how it is when it’s a busy school afternoon. These big yellow buses blocking the way and all. I kinda hit one of those buses. Now it wasn’t a major collision or anything. It was only a little paint scratch type of thing. The Paterson police came after like 6 hours. If it’s not a shooting obviously they won’t come. I told the bus lady to leave, but she was one of those “follow the rules” type of lady. Anyways they finally arrived. They said no biggie the bus people would contact my insurance and all that nonsense. I’m young and my insurance is already high. So I don’t know if I should tell my insurance about what happened because most likely Paterson police or the bus people won’t do anything because well it’s Paterson. My question is should I let my insurance know?

Justin Stolks (Paterson, NJ)

Dear Justin,

You know what they say, “Honesty is the best policy.” I know it can be a hardship paying those darn bills however you have to take responsibility for your actions. Most likely the insurance people will eventually find out and if they don’t you get lucky, but luck won’t always come to your rescue. Remember this lesson my Granny JamJam always told me, “You do the right thing because life will screw you over if you do the wrong thing.” Granny is a 110 and still alive, so she must have some experience.

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