2 violent robberies on the eastside | Paterson Times

2 violent robberies on the eastside


Two robberies occurred in Paterson’s eastside leaving their victims hospitalized, according to Paterson Police.

In the first robbery, which occurred at around 10:40pm on Thursday, an elderly man was parking his car near East 23rd and Market Streets when a group of four men approached and dragged him out of the vehicle.

After getting the man on the sidewalk they beat him, took his wallet and other possession before fleeing the scene.

The victim, 63-year-old, had to be transported to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The second robbery, which happened at around 3:30am on Friday morning, involved a man walking near 17th Avenue when another in his 20s attacked him with a liquor bottle cutting the victim’s face.

After assaulting the victim, the suspect made away with his cash and other belongings. The victim was taken to a local hospital.

Both incidents are being investigated by the police.