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Great Falls Vistas torn down


“Just 15 miles from New York City and located above the cliffs nearby the scenic Great Falls of Paterson, the Vistas overlooks the Manhattan skyline in one direction, with majestic mountain views in the other. It’s this ideal location, and the unmatched amenity package, that has everyone talking,” reads a release issued by Maplewood Homes, the company that undertook the project, in 2008. Five years later it is the demolition of the Vistas that has everyone talking.
On Friday a bulldozer and a demolition crew arrived at the behest of Wells Fargo bank to tear down the only building that was fully completed out of a proposed 12. The developer P&F Management Company, of Hillside and Maplewood Homes, a residential developer, fell on hard times after the economy took a nosedive, which halted construction at the site.

In December 2008, the company gathered local politicians and influential community member for a ribbon cutting ceremony that included the then mayor of Paterson, Jose Torres who said he wanted one of the condominiums at the Great Falls Vistas after seeing the luxurious interior of the first building.

By early 2011 the site was abandoned. The vacancy attracted vandals of all stripes who broke the glass windows and looted whatever valuables was inside. By the middle of that year Wells Fargo, the bank that financed the project, had the building boarded up with wood planks. It later decided to tear down whatever was left due to safety hazards that could result in lawsuits.

Last week the workmen tore down whatever was left of the failed project. It is uncertain as to what will be built in its place: some want a park others like Jeffery Jones, the mayor of the city, want a hotel to accommodate visitors to the Great Falls National Park.