HARP Academy burglarized during the Memorial Day weekend | Paterson Times

HARP Academy burglarized during the Memorial Day weekend


HARP Academy, a medical school located on Main Street, was burglarized during the Memorial Day weekend. On Sunday the alarm system inside the building went off alerting building administrators that something was going on inside.

A district supervisor visited the school after being alerted, checked both doors of the building, and did not see any signs of an entry. On Tuesday morning, when students and faculty returned from the holiday break, a janitor at the school, while opening the building early in the morning, discovered some of the class rooms were broken into.

The janitor found turned over desks, papers tossed all over the floor, and the room in general disorder showing signs that someone had entered it and rummaged through it looking for valuables.

It was later discovered that about 285 dollars was missing from the school; the money was donation collected for an ill staff member at the school.