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Harassment charges filed against Akhtaruzzaman over the June 8th incident

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Charges have begun flying between the two factions of the Bangladeshi community over the June 8th incident, where two men were hospitalized and a small number of people were injured.

Last week, one of the men, Aheya Khan, who was severely beaten during the incident, presumably filed criminal charges against Rasel Ahmed and Nuruzzaman Suhel. Both Mr Ahmed and Mr Suhel are likely victimizer of Mr Khan.

It is difficult to gather who struck the first blow during the incident; however, from our recorded audio of the incident, it appears a man, Mr Khan, telling the others to calm down when the crowd began to get out of control. A few seconds later violence broke out.

On Monday Mr Suhel and Mr Ahmed and a third man, Joyed Rohim, filed a criminal complaint against Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman, the 2nd Ward councilman. Mr Akhtaruzzaman had organized the June 8th meeting to discuss a disagreement that broke out between the two factions of the Bangladeshi community, and possibly reconcile the opposing sides.

The complaint comes as a retaliation against those filed by Mr Khan.

After the scuffle broke out Mr Rohim apparently attempted to go inside his vehicle to grab weapons when Mr Akhtaruzzaman blocked his entrance. The complaint filed against Mr Akhtaruzzaman charges him with harassment mainly around the aforementioned entrance blocking incident.

Mr Akhtaruzzaman who saw himself as a peacemaker was surprised of the charges levied against him. The charge against the 2nd Ward councilman is strange, for he merely attempted to contain the situation from deteriorating further after it had exploded.

  • pattianne pascual

    Mr. Akhtaruzzaman is like ghandi.walks through the streets talking to EVERYONE,no matter race or color,and loves animals.peace and love.i can't see him doing anything violent.