Audio: Jeffery Jones’ 3rd annual State of the City address | Paterson Times

Audio: Jeffery Jones’ 3rd annual State of the City address


In his 3rd annual State of the City address Jeffery Jones, the mayor of Paterson, on Thursday afternoon, discussed a whole host of issues impacting the city, including vagrants who are “put on train” from other municipalities to come seek social services in the city.

Mr Jones discussed his future vision for the city — there remains one year, from today, of his mayorship — which include the restoration of the Paterson Armory, the restoration of Hinchcliff Stadium, and the use of Great Falls National Park to bring in tourists who would spend money while visiting the historic city.

Mr Jones’ full speech can be heard in the audio below:

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  • pattianne

    an even exchange.what about our "vagrant" exports that get on the train and go robbing,etc,in other people's towns? I agree we don't need imports as we have enough,but to blame everyone else coming in is uneducated.the majority of vagrants are right here in huge numbers causing havoc,and being allowed to do so.police reports(which aren't being done in many cases) could help show the actual numbers.