Shooting near Park Avenue leaves woman dead and three wounded | Paterson Times

Shooting near Park Avenue leaves woman dead and three wounded


A shooting in the area of Park Avenue and East 22nd Street left one woman dead and three other victims wounded early Saturday morning, according to Paterson Police.

At around 2:30am on Saturday two gunmen approached a group and began firing.

One woman, 20-year-old, who was shot in the abdomen, and later taken to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center for treatment, was pronounced dead. Another woman, 39-year-old, was shot in the chest, and remains in stable condition at the hospital. The third woman, 21-year-old, was shot in the hip; she was taken to the hospital and treated, after which she was released.

The fourth victim was a man, 48-year-old, a resident of Plainfield, who was wounded in the groin, where a bullet apparently landed, and both legs.

When police responded to the scene they found the victims scattered around the area: officers found two of the women near Park Avenue and East 22nd Street; a third woman was found with gunshot wound inside a home on East 22nd Street; the Plainfield man, who likely attempted to save his life by fleeing the scene of slaughter, by running towards East 24th Street, where officers found him.

Police are investigating the incident.