Several shots fired on Albion Avenue — no one injured | Paterson Times

Several shots fired on Albion Avenue — no one injured

Several shots were fired in Albion Avenue on Monday evening – no one was injured.

A man fired multiple shots out onto the street, at around 7:30pm, near Albion and Totowa Avenues, right near School 5. Police cordoned off the entire section of the street to investigate the incident.

No one was injured in the shooting; it appears the man simply fired randomly or his target out maneuvered him.

Bystanders, who were gawking as police put up barricade tape, were confused as to what went on; one man, who was sitting near his porch watching, said the shooter was targeting his wife.

  • pattianne

    very stressful living here.Trying to walk to a friends,corner store,or home,has become a risk of life activity.minding your own business and have to dodge robbers, bullets,break up fighting pit bulls,hit and runs.give yourself an extra hour and carry change of clothes to get where youre going in case of such encounters.