Police impersonator robs Clifton man on Broadway | Paterson Times

Police impersonator robs Clifton man on Broadway

A Clifton man was mugged on Broadway by two police impersonators on Monday evening, according to Paterson Police.

The victim, 21-year-old, was on roadway, not far from Straight Street, at around 9:45pm on Monday, when two men approached him. One of the two men pulled out what appeared to a police badge to the victim, and asked him if he was in the area looking to buy narcotics.

The suspects had the man put his hands up against the wall before running off with his wallet and cell phone. The two suspects are described as black males: one in his late 30s and the other in his early 40s.

Police are investigating the incident.

  • animalempath

    There was a blond guy doing this by the Great Falls last year (maple st). sometimes I wonder.i grew up in Irvington. police there used to do this all the time,as well as drink on duty and many other things I won't get into.I hope Paterson police don't become thug cops like those.