R.E. General Contractor, roofing company, fined $49,600 | Paterson Times

R.E. General Contractor, roofing company, fined $49,600

A construction company that made it a habit risking the lives of its employees during roofing has been fined more than $40,000, according to the United States Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an arm of the Department of Labor.

R.E. General Contractor LLC, was fined $49,600 for jeopardizing workers safety. The incident citied by the department refers to a roofing the company did on 500 Grand Street, where laborers, while completing a roofing, were not provided with the requisite equipment from safety hazard helmets to ladders that went over three feet above the roof. The workers were well above 50 feet from which a fall could result in death; in case of a fall these equipment do much to preserve the life of the fallen.

The department says this was not the first time the company has been engaging in risking the lives of its workers: in 2008, 2010, and 2011, there were citations filed against the company.

“Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers exposed to fall hazards are provided with the proper fall protection equipment, are trained in its use and wear it whenever a fall hazard is present,” says Lisa Levy, director of the department’s Hasbrouck Heights Area Office. Ms Levy also says her agency will have none of it: “OSHA will not tolerate this company’s continuous disregard for adequate fall protection.”