Elmwood Park man arrested with 91 bags of narcotics | Paterson Times

Elmwood Park man arrested with 91 bags of narcotics


A man who was awkwardly driving a rental car, filled with narcotics, on Route 80 near Paterson was arrested Friday morning, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Department.

Daniel Rivera, 34, of Elmwood Park, was driving in a confused manner, at around 11:30am on Friday, near Exit 57C, where officers pulled over his vehicle; Mr Rivera was about to enter the city through that exit when officers from the Sheriff’s Office pulled him over.

When an officer approached Mr Rivera he nervously pulled out a Massachusetts drivers’ license, and informed the officer he was visiting the city on vacation; later, Mr Rivera changed his story and said he was a resident of Elmwood Park.

After becoming suspicious of the man, officers searched his vehicle, and uncovered 51 bags of crack and 40 bags of cocaine. Mr Rivera was taken into custody under various drug charges including intent to distribute near a school.