35-year-old shot in the groin on West Broadway | Paterson Times

35-year-old shot in the groin on West Broadway


A man was shot in the groin Saturday night on West Broadway as he was exiting a store in the area, according to Paterson Police.

The victim, 35-year-old, was inside the dollar store located on West Broadway, when he got out of the store at around 10pm, he saw a burly black man firing a weapon from across the street; the bullet struck the victim in the groin.

When police responded they did not find the victim at the scene; the man fled the area, and flagged down another vehicle nearby which transported him to St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, where he is in stable condition.

Police are investigating the incident.

  • pattianne pascual

    There are shots fired/shootings every day in Paterson nj.going to the corner store is risking your life here.