22-year-old robbed on 21st Avenue | Paterson Times

22-year-old robbed on 21st Avenue


A man was walking home early Saturday morning on 21st Avenue when a knife wielding man approached and robbed him, according to Paterson Police.

The victim, 22-year-old, was threatened with a knife near the intersection of Main Street and 21st Avenue to surrender all his possession; the suspect held a knife to the victim’s stomach and demanded everything he had. The robber made away with $50 and the victim’s phone.

The suspect got into a getaway car, a Honda sedan, inside of which were 2 other suspects, and fled the scene; the 22-year-old man was not harmed.

  • animalempath

    There's an underpass there. It's about a whole block long.pitch black.often,creeps hanging in the middle part.its so dark you don't see them until you are right next to them.I AM SICK AND TIRED OF CALLING THE CITY TO FIX OR PUT LIGHTS UP IN SUCH PLACES.ALSO AFTER BURGER KING TO THE WAYNE AVE .BRIDGE.CONSIDER THIS YOUR WARNING PATERSON NJ.I WILL SUE YOU AND YOURS. Some of us have no choice but to walk,& get out of your car to walk these places to see how dark.It's totally diifferent in a car.trust me