32-year-old robbed on West Broadway counting change | Paterson Times

32-year-old robbed on West Broadway counting change


A man, who had just exited a nearby store Sunday night, and was counting his change near Presidential Boulevard, was attacked by two assailants, who robbed him, according to Paterson Police.

The victim, 32-year-old, was counting his change outside an establishment on West Broadway at around 11:45pm on Sunday, when two men approached him. One of the assailants hit him over the head with an object, the other grabbed his leg, and forced him to the ground.

After the victim fell to the ground, he was repeatedly struck by one of the suspect, as the other went through his pockets.

The two suspects mad away with the man’s wallet before fleeing the scene.

  • animalempath

    Why doesn't every witness present at these assaults,team up and beat the crap out of the robbers every time it happens?