Mill demolition continues in Ryle Avenue | Paterson Times

Mill demolition continues in Ryle Avenue

A demolition crew that began bringing down the massive mill located on Ryle Avenue continued their work throughout the day. At around 11:30am Wednesday a gas pipe connected to the building next door busted causing a gas leak that was quickly plugged by one of the demolition crew member.

On Tuesday, the massive structure suddenly gave up, leaving large pieces of bricks lying on the road, making it impassable to motorists. Police and fire fighters then cordoned off the street for safety.

A number of residents, all those who live in the section of the street prior to Presidential Boulevard were evacuated from their homes. A resident, who lives on that street, informed our reporter yesterday, that she was provided with a 2 day stay at a hotel. She was uncertain when she would be allowed to return home.

Paterson Times attempted to get an update on the situation from the mayor’s office without success.