Drug dealer and out of city buyer arrested; 500 bags of heroin found | Paterson Times

Drug dealer and out of city buyer arrested; 500 bags of heroin found


Two people were arrested on Wednesday evening for completing a drug transaction in the parking lot of Micro Center on McLean Boulevard, according to the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office.

Detectives from the sheriff’s office received a tip from a concerned citizen, who informed them that a particular vehicle will leave East 23rd Street, to complete a drug transaction in a nearby parking lot. After receiving the tip officers setup surveillance of the avenue; on Wednesday, at around 6:51pm, a vehicle was followed by detective leaving that street. The car, inside of which was Vernon Donnell, 31-year-old, drug dealer, went into the parking lot of Micro Center, and there detectives waited for the transaction to take place.

Another car pulled into the parking lot of the electronics store, and there two men were exchanging envelopes. Dante Petrucelli, 50-year-old, of Chattam, the buyer, handed an envelope filled with cash to Mr Donnell, the seller. Detectives reckoned it to be a drug transactions, and arrested both individuals.

Later, officers went to the home of Mr Donnell, and uncovered a large stash of heroin — a total of 513 bags of heroin. Officers also found 20 bags of heroin with Mr Petrucelli. Both have been charged with drug possession.